No Win No Fee

What Is No Win No Fee?

‘No Win No Fee’ is a type of legal agreement that essentially makes it easier to pursue financial compensation, no matter what your own personal financial status is. Our panel of Solicitors offer to process your claim on a no win, no fee agreement knowing that they take on the financial risk that they might receive no payments for their services.

If your case is taken on, you will not be asked to pay any fees upfront or throughout the case, and you will only cover the costs of the service if and when your claim is won, and you receive your compensation.

How does your Solicitor get paid if they win my case?

Once one of our panel solicitors takes on your case, you will only have to pay them when you win compensation. The fees of the solicitor will be taken directly from your compensation once it has been recovered.

Typically, the percentage that the solicitor will deduct from your compensation is anything between 25% to 50%. The fees will vary depending on each solicitor and will be dependent on your claim type and your individual circumstances.

You will then receive the balance of your compensation if your case is successful.

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At the start of your claim, your solicitor will send you their full terms and conditions.
These may vary between each solicitor, so it is important to read them before you

Once you have read through everything and you are happy to sign, the solicitor
will begin working on your case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ Basis, therefore, how much
the solicitor will be paid would be agreed with you before taking on your claim, so
there are no surprises or unexpected costs with everything being made 100% clear
right from the beginning.

In the unlikely event that you claim is unsuccessful, you would not be expected to
pay your solicitor a penny. This is the key benefit of the no win no fee service and
takes away the worry of putting yourself at any financial risk.

Other Charges and Termination Fees

Your solicitor may charge you a termination fee if you cancel your claim after the 14-
day cooling off period. This is because the solicitor cannot bring your case to its
conclusion, win, or lose.

You may also be charged if you deliberately provide your solicitor with misleading
information or are found to be fundamentally dishonest, this is in cases where clients
have given dishonest and misleading versions of events in the hope of raising a
fraudulent claim.

If you miss appointments, hearings, or any prior confirmed engagements you may also be charged. Your solicitor may recommend you take out a legal insurance policy
in conjunction with your agreement. If you choose to take this out, you will pay for the
policy which will be deducted from your compensation. The policy price will be
included in the solicitor’s paperwork where applicable.

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