We offer a team of experienced immigration solicitors who are affordable and can operate your case on multiple levels.

Housing Disrepair

Property litigation solicitors will advise you of all the important aspects that will make your case stronger.


Solicitors offering expert advice regarding your plans for buying, selling and remortgaging a property.

Driving Offences

You need the best advice and representation if you have driving offence charges set
against you.

Accidents at Work

Experienced personal injury solicitors getting you compensated if you were injured while at work.

Property Law

Conveyancing solicitors helping you through the difficult legal formalities involved in property transfers.

Data Breach

If you are a victim of a data breach and are now looking to claim compensation, we can help you with all the legal complexities.

Unlawful Evictions

If your landlord forces you out of the property or even tries to do so, then can be considered a crime.

Retaliatory Evictions

You can file a complaint if your landlord tried to evict you from the property just because you asked for necessary repairs on the property.

Taxi accident claims

If you or a loved one have been involved in a taxi accident then contact Legal Assist because we might be able to help you claim compensation.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

You can apply for a bicycle injury claim if you were injured in an accident that wasn't your fault.

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